Ensenada Gets A New Development

About 11 years ago, a group of real estate developers from Mexico City were attracted to our area with promises of a booming real estate market that had more qualified clients than inventory to sell.

The group had just started their project in Ensenada and had already received deposits for 5 of their condo units when the reality hit: the subprime mortgage crisis had started. Continue reading “Ensenada Gets A New Development”

Que Pasa in Baja?

This edition we discuss the beginning of the low season for tourism, the huge fire that broke out in Ensenada, how the Ensenada police is equipping to detect high-volume noise offenders, the new hotel being developed in Cuatro Cuatros, the donation of K-9 agents from the US to Mexico, new investments in alternative energy generation and what the SWAT spring-breakers tourism company is preparing for next year in Rosarito.

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Que Pasa in Baja?

This week we talk about how the totoaba could be back on the market soon, the Margarita cocktail turning 69 (at least in Ensenada!), about how a crooked lawyer swindled money from a group of retired americans, how our beloved Baja’s feelings got hurt, the importance of checking your pets for ticks and lastly about the influx of tourists this year.

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Green Light on the Off-Road Museum

Good! We will need some new attractions for those tourists that get to Ensenada through the new airport.

The Ensenada business council has officially asked the State Government to build the Off Road Museum in the city’s main boulevard, right where the state tourism office is located, next to CEARTE. Continue reading “Green Light on the Off-Road Museum”

The Ensenada Airport Just Got Real

Governor announces he is officially looking for a partner to build it

Northern Baja governor Francisco “Kiko” Vega just announced that the process to choose the company that will operate the new Ensenada airport has just begun. It looks like the project, that was so talked about, just got real. Continue reading “The Ensenada Airport Just Got Real”

Que Pasa in Baja?

Tourist snaggers regulated. We can’t say we haven’t heard that before, this time Ensenada is the one that is trying to eradicate the annoying practice on the tourist streets of the city.

Jorge Menchaca, head of the local chamber of commerce, said that they pressured authorities to do something about the growing problem. Continue reading “Que Pasa in Baja?”

Craft Beer, Anyone?

Local Gringo starts brewery and nails it

Baja’s options for craft beer keep expanding at a tremendous rate. It looks like just a few weeks pass before you start hearing about a new beer that someone is brewing and starting to sell. Most are just minuscule craft brewers that produce just a couple of kegs every month and take advantage of that to experiment with their flavors sacrificing consistency in their production because for many it’s more a hobby than a business. Continue reading “Craft Beer, Anyone?”

Que Pasa in Baja?

How’d you like to live in a bubble? You can now! The new Campera hotel located in the wine valley offers the experience of outdoor sleeping without any of the hassles. For this, they built 12 transparent spheres where the guests have a full bed, bathroom, heating and A/C. They do seem pretty comfy, and the main selling point is that you get to sleep in them with great views of the vineyards and a full view of the starry Guadalupe Valley sky right from your bed.

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