Quality of Life in Baja

More Than Merely The Cost of Living

Rosarito real estate mogul Luis Bustamante sought the help of several Expat Rosaritense to ask their opinions of the cost of living in Baja in comparison to that of the United States. Volunteers from Cruz Roja Primo Tapia Voluntarios completed a survey questionnaire that compared previous surveys of Los Angeles and Ensenada. The volunteers were asked their views of price comparisons in the areas of housing, dining, clothing, entertainment, and personal care. Continue reading “Quality of Life in Baja”

Que Pasa in Baja?

Tourist snaggers regulated. We can’t say we haven’t heard that before, this time Ensenada is the one that is trying to eradicate the annoying practice on the tourist streets of the city.

Jorge Menchaca, head of the local chamber of commerce, said that they pressured authorities to do something about the growing problem. Continue reading “Que Pasa in Baja?”