Food For Thought

Is Hydroponic Farming the Future for Baja?

Ensenada is a rich agricultural state: Open-air and enclosed farms abound in the Maneadero area and produce vast crops of tomatoes, cucumbers, broccoli, spinach, and other vegetables, as well as sunflowers and a variety of decorative flowers. To the north, toward Tecate, olive orchards and wine vineyards abound. Read more

Fish Report

Coronado Islands

Although boat traffic has been light because of inconsistent weather conditions, those who are having a look have been rewarded with some nice 12- to 20-pound yellowtail with the weather side of North Island, the Middle Grounds and the South Kelp Reef (SKR) being the best bet. Even if the fish are not showing under birds, slow-trolling sardines and/or mackerel has been producing good results. Read more

Rosarito Kids Need Your Support

A few options to help the Boys and Girls Club

A few weeks ago a troop of trolls broke into the Club de Ninos y Ninas at their new digs and stole everything that was not nailed down… and even a few things that were.  Musical instruments, costumes, computers, kitchen equipment and supplies, and sporting equipment were among the items pinched. Read more

Craft Beer, Anyone?

Local Gringo starts brewery and nails it

Baja’s options for craft beer keep expanding at a tremendous rate. It looks like just a few weeks pass before you start hearing about a new beer that someone is brewing and starting to sell. Most are just minuscule craft brewers that produce just a couple of kegs every month and take advantage of that to experiment with their flavors sacrificing consistency in their production because for many it’s more a hobby than a business. Read more

Calendar of Events


Every Sunday 4pm. Cultural Sundays in the park. Local Mexican and American dancers and musicians.  At the IMAC in Abelardo L. Rodriguez park, west of Banamex. Facebook IMAC Rosarito. Free. Read more

Que Pasa in Baja?

How’d you like to live in a bubble? You can now! The new Campera hotel located in the wine valley offers the experience of outdoor sleeping without any of the hassles. For this, they built 12 transparent spheres where the guests have a full bed, bathroom, heating and A/C. They do seem pretty comfy, and the main selling point is that you get to sleep in them with great views of the vineyards and a full view of the starry Guadalupe Valley sky right from your bed.

Read more

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