US Consul Speaks With Expat Community

Better read this if you live here

Over 80 Rosaritense Americans were in attendance at a Town Hall-style meeting with the local US Consul General, Mr. William Ostick, at the Rosarito Beach Hotel. His primary responsibility is to United States citizens living in the region. Mr. Ostick and his team report to Washington DC and the US Embassy in Mexico City, and are very involved with Chambers of Commerce on both sides of the border. He was accompanied by SES Assistant Jorge Reyes, and American Citizen Service Chief, Nancy LaManna.  Mr. Ostick commended FRAO (Foreign Residents Assistance Office) on their outstanding liaison between the Mexican government and Rosarito Expats, proving the concept of the bi-national region of “Cali-Baja.” Read more

Working The Bugs Out at CEARTE

Advanced Art Class Rejuvenates Its Mural

Fabian Sanchez is the coordinator of all the art classes conducted at Ensenada’s cultural hub, CEARTE. He’s the man responsible for giving a special assignment to local artist and muralist, Esther Gomez, who also works in the main museum as curator and guide. He asked her to lead a class of advanced art students (some of whom are accomplished artists in their own right) in a special project: Create a unique mural on the outside wall of the class itself. Read more

Fish Report

Coronado Islands

Although there are some yellows at the Islands, they are not biting very well. There is some sign of them along the weather side of North Island, the Middle Grounds, the Lighthouse and South Kelp. The water is still a bit off color at the spots below South Islands.

Slow trolling either sardine or mackerel are good choices for catching one. Read more

Que Pasa in Baja?

Teachers on strike. More than 2,000 state teachers have been on strike, intermittently demanding salary payments from the state government for temporary teachers and for the ones that have recently retired but have not received their pensions. Read more

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