OTAY VET VETERINARY CLINIC IN TIJUANA/OTAY AREA, offers vetenary specialty services. Go to or facebook. Ph. (664) 623-7999 CA … 0 102
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Cooking Like A Mexican

Beef tortillas? The richness of Mexican food comes from the country’s many states that, but especially the little towns and … 0 53
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El Descanso Announces New Stage on Its Development

Descanso Sunset, nestled in the El Descanso community in Rosarito, offers a private community of 101 houses adapted to the … 0 163
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What’s Going On In This Country?

Biggest Train Heist Ever. Teachers in the state of Michoacán have been camping out on the train tracks, so far … 0 45

Tax Fairness For Americans Abroad Act of 2018

Americans are taxed on the basis of their citizenship, not residency. A US citizen, no matter where he or she … 0 65
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Que Pasa In Baja?

Baja, open for spring breakers. Our state tourism honcho, Oscar Escobedo, is promoting Baja as a destination for spring breakers … 0 161
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Rosarito Calendar of Events

February 20, Wednesday, 1 pm; Flying Samaritans Bingo at Popotla Jr (across from El Nido Restaurant). Multiple games/cards and prizes. … 0 85
Charities, Rosarito

American Football Coming to Rosarito

When many of us were preparing to gorge ourselves Super Bowl Sunday on hot wings, pizza, and beer, more than … 0 236
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From Cleaning Crime Scenes in the US to Roasting Coffee in TJ

One of the wonderful things about Baja is the people that live here and the stories they have to tell. … 0 500

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