Let’s Support Those Helping Our Children

You can make a difference at Casa Gabriel, a loving home for handicapped children

South of Ensenada, in the little town of Maneadero, is an orphanage for handicapped children, known to locals and expats alike as Casa Gabriel.

This small establishment provides a loving and caring environment for handicapped children, who, through no fault of their own, are unable to care for themselves. Read more

Fish Report

*Coronado Islands*

The islands proper have been on the slower side for yellowtail the last few days but it hasn’t been completely dead; there have been little pockets of both yellowtail and bonito around and some are willing to bite. There were some 6- to 12-pound bonito in the lee of North Island, plus a few 5- to 12 -pound yellowtail scattered throughout the Middle Grounds. Trolling Rapalas is a great way to locate both species; then when you get a bite, shut down and try to keep the school around with chum. Read more

Rosarito Police Gets Specialized Training

Officers from Long Beach volunteer to help the local Police force

On Wednesday, August 2 Rosarito Mayor Mirna Rincon opened a day of specialized training for officers of the Rosarito Police Department by restating her commitment to providing safety for the citizens of Rosarito. Read more

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